Küstenbiologie - Coastal Biology

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about me

about me

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Kai Hoppe, MSc ("Diplombiologe")

a few CV facts:


  • Universities in Cologne and Kiel, Germany
  • Degrees in Zoology, Marine Biology and Marine Chemistry
  • Specialization in Marine Ecology and Benthic Ecology
Work Experience:
  • Marine Institutes in Australia and Fiji
  • ABION, a biotechnology company in Jülich, Germany
  • Institute for Applied Ecology in Rostock, Germany
  • Coastal Research & Management in Kiel, Germany
  • Environmental Impact Assessment in the coastal realm
  • Benthosecological research
  • Shipworm research (Teredo navalis)
  • (Marine) sediment management
  • Antifouling
  • Macro algae cultivation
  • Tropical marine ecology
  • Environmental education and presentations, TV
Adolf Schlepütz
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