Küstenbiologie - Coastal Biology

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Shipworm Baltic from 2009 to 2010

from 2009 to 2010

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I had predicted a record of teredo settlement for 2009. But I was wrong, even though all the conditions had been right:


  • 2008 was an ok year, the population was stable
  • the winter was mild, survival rate supposedly high
  • spring ´09 was even better, the „operating temperature“ was reached early
  • presumably the food supply was fairly good
  • summer came early, and the „reproduction temperature“ (> 20 degrees C) was held for a comparably long time


however, larval settlement turned out to be mediocre



When the invasion did not happen in 2009, the chances in the next year were less positive. A mediocre settlement was followed by a very harsh and long winter. However, water temperatures rose faster than I ever witnessed in late spring. Teredo seemed to like that.


In July we already had a settlement of several tousand larvae per square meter - this led to a density of 12.500 Individuals in 6 weeks. After that settlement slowed even though in other years a maximum had been reached in late August. Still, the most densely settled test plate held an equivalent of 19.600 Ind. per square meter after 3 months. This is the third highest number since 1997.


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