Küstenbiologie - Coastal Biology

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Shipworm Baltic this year

this year

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1. July:

The initial settlement is only 24 teredoes on the panel. This translates to ca. 360 / sq.m.. Obviously they had just settled days before retrieval, so that we can assume that the settlement period has started in late July.

2. August:

The August settlement picked up quite a bit, to about 1.700 larvae/square meter. Compared to "bad" years with none to a few hundred larvae that is a lot, but nothing to "good" years with mass invasions of tens of thousands of Individuals.

We also saw a typical sequence of settlers apart from Teredo. Initially there were lots of balanids and a few protozoans and Ciona intestinalis. From mid-August we get lots of Mytilus babies. Even though some of the darker panels get almost 100 % cover of balanids, they soon are overgrown and suffocated by mussels.

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